7 Tips for International Students moving to the UK

If it is your first time coming to study in the United Kingdom, challenges will be a part of it. First and foremost, it is important to structure your admission essay properly to qualify for a degree of your choice. It will not only make your write-up readable but also of top quality before the eyes of admission board who are always looking to welcoming the best students.

Now, taking note that autumn is only months away, usually the season for a new academic calendar, getting ready with your essay is only one of the many important steps towards securing college placement before it is too late. However, while stories of international students who have successfully gained entry into some of the Britain’s best institutions of higher education are encouraging, you should also remember that as soon as you begin your studies, winter will be fast approaching. Thus, one of the first challenges international students in UK encounter is wet and cold weather.

This post equips you with seven tips that foreign students in UK ought to know for a happy and successful stay, so keep reading to learn more.

Get student-friendly health insurance

Insurance health cover varies from one country to the other. Therefore, as soon as you set foot in the United Kingdom, it is one of the most important considerations to make for a smooth and uninterrupted stay. Here, you should stop and ask yourself some questions. For example, does the university advise on health insurance? How much will you pay for full coverage throughout your stay? Is there a preferred company for students?

You don’t want to fall sick and spend a lot of money on treatment. It is also vital to find a private doctor who can always take care of your health whenever necessary.

Beware of extra luggage costs

Students who are travelling for the first time to study abroad are always looking forward to a life-changing experience. However, misery can begin right from the time one arrives at the airport because you have to part with more customs fees on luggage.  Usually, it is at the arrival airport before heading to the best University in UK where such experiences happen and without enough money, you may take longer than expected to arrive at your destination.

Make prior arrangements for accommodation

Studying abroad is every student’s dream. Whether you are transferring credit, going for a postgraduate in MBA or as an undergraduate, one is always thrilled beyond measure. But come to think about it – will you spend the rest of your stay in a hotel? Another important tip for UK international students is to make arrangements for accommodation. You should contact your admitting institution to make an inquiry about it. Will the university accommodate you in its halls of residence or will you need to make private rental plans?

Take care of your education funding

The truth is that international students always pay more than locals do. In England, for example, it could range from £10,000 to £35,000 depending on the institution and municipality. On this premise, if you do not have enough money, it is important to organise a fundraiser beforehand or shop around for the best scholarship programs for a study in UK for international students.

You need a UK bank account

Paying bills in a foreign country can gradually leave a dent in the pocket of an international student who doesn’t have a bank account with say, Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest, HSBC or any other student-friendly banking institution. You shouldn’t run the risk of incurring extra fees when paying for services at the university using a debit/credit card. Find out beforehand the best international student credit UK programs that do not charge exorbitant fees on currency exchanges.

Have some right clothes

If you come to the UK for any reason, one of the things you will be told to do is to have some warm clothes. As indicated at the beginning of this post, the weather is not always friendly, especially when the academic calendar is at its peak.  Pack raincoats, scarves, sweaters/jumpers and gloves, including socks if you don’t want to end up with the flu. If extra luggage attracts more fees at the arrival customs office, you could very well buy on the spot once you arrive in the United Kingdom.

Culture shock is real

Less travelled individuals, including students moving to a British college or University, are likely to experience problems with adapting to the weather, food, fashion and even native English language. While you can use the best essay writing service UK to do term papers and assignments, non-natives often face challenges when it comes to communicating fluently using spoken word. It may feel awkward when you speak English yet local students hardly understand what you say. No worries though. There are many student forums UK that can help you cope with these challenges, and soon you will start to enjoy life studying in a country that plays host to some of the best Universities in the world.

Admission to study in England is something many look forward to, but, without adequate preparation, homesickness will strike hard a few days into your stay. As the number of international students in UK keeps growing each year, your best bet is socialising at every opportunity.



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