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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal: Structure and Examples

19 Jan 2019

A dissertation proposal is a scholarly paper that is not obligatory, yet it is vital for the forthcoming Ph.D. thesis. The main point of it is to announce the study subject and its limitations. You also should state the methods that are used, your scientific basis, and how the results can be used for further advances.

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Essay Writing: Structure, Tips and Examples

16 Jan 2019

An essay is a form of scholarly writing that is more than just common in higher education. It is a basic way of scientific communication and ideas sharing. It is essential for the students as well as professors that also write them.

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7 Tips for International Students moving to the UK

13 Jan 2019

If it is your first time coming to study in the United Kingdom, challenges will be part of it. First and foremost, it is important to structure your admission essay properly to qualify for a degree course of choice. It is because it will not only make your write-up readable but also of top quality before the eyes of admission board who are always looking forward to welcoming the best students.

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10 The Best Colleges in England

10 Jan 2019

Today, a talk about top learning institutions globally would be incomplete without the oldest Universities in UK that continue to dominate the scene. The catch here is that if you choose to study in this part of the world, you are obviously signing up for the best academic experience, and with the top courses and professors at your disposal, you can only look forward to getting truly life-changing education.

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Common Grammatical Mistakes in Writing Essay

08 Jan 2019

In a world of digital communication, every word means something and has a value. Nowadays, all people depend on messages, emails, and shared documents to deliver their ideas for academic and professional purposes. Grammar mistakes can affect the quality of your writing and also cause a lot of confusion. This is why you need to make sure that you’ve spent enough time to revise and check every document before sharing or publishing it to avoid embarrassment.

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