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How to Write a Research Paper in One Day

22 Feb 2019

You have an entire semester to plan and finish your assignments, but in one way or the other, you are yet to start. This is a common problem that most college students endure while in school. It is common to find yourself with a whole 10-page assignment to complete within a day even after having an entire semester to work on it. If you are a procrastinator, then you understand what this blog is about, and you are now looking forward to getting some help. Having a day or two before the due day is not an indicator that you will fail your exams.

Here are some useful tips on how to write a research paper in one day

  • Read the Prompt

The first step on how to write a research paper quickly is ensuring you read and understand all instructions. So instead of realizing that your paper does not comply with the guide given by professors, ensure that you understand every requirement including any hidden details. Having in mind that there is limited time, make sure that the type of information you get is enough to write the entire assignment comfortably.

  • Brainstorm Topics

Now that you understand instructions, it is time to find a topic that is suitable for an assignment. Think of every possible topic you might have that is related to the paper. Start with basic topics that you might have had in class, from a fellow student, and most importantly, the ones that you develop personally. Keep your topics simple and relevant to the assignment.
Additionally, once you have a list of possible topics that you can write about, research them one by one. Before you get down to work on any research paper, you must be sure that there is ready content for you to use. Therefore, peruse through Google and other search engines and ensure that there are quick and easy ways to find content for your topic of choice. Regardless of how interesting your topic might be, if it does not appear on the first paper during your search, then it is not fit for you to use it in your write-up. As a student, you must be aware that the paper is not all about writing. Therefore, ensuring that your topic of choice is interesting and has information for you to use is essential. Remember, you have to write a research paper in a day, and there is no room to waste time researching or even changing mind in the middle of an assignment.

  • Write an Outline

An outline will lay the foundation of your essay. With an outline, it will be easy for you to research and evaluate content fast. Additionally, if you take your time in generating an outline, you will understand the topic deeper and also it will be easy for you to structure subtopics. Therefore, before you start building on the material you have already gathered for the academic paper, create a guide that will lead you. However, you can always seek assistance from research paper writing service or other university students who might have done the paper long before you.
An easy way to create an outline is breaking down your abstract into several sections depending on what you want to cover. Therefore, take more time to think through your topic and ensure that you have common questions included in your outline for easy and good response/argument.

  • Develop the Body

The body of your research paper is likely to take most of your time. Therefore, the earlier you start working on it, the better. Most of the word count will go to the body as well. Starting your piece with the body will make it easier for you to see which direction your argument will take. Divide your ideas into different paragraphs and crate subtopics to support them. Due to the limitation of time, it will not be easy to start with the introduction. Instead, let the body structure guide you on how you will write your introductory and conclusion paragraphs.
Additionally, make sure to cite every section of your body paragraph as you write to save you time once you are done with the research paper. Also, remember to avoid repeating the same words from other sources in your paper. This way, the professors will not view your text as plagiarized content. Therefore, ensure that all your sources blend together and share common information.

  • Final Steps: Introduction and Conclusion

With your essay structure, now it is easy to create an introductory paragraph that will capture the attention of your audience. Your first sentence should focus on introducing the topic while the other build towards letting your reader know what direction you will take with the entire paper. Keep it brief and direct to point to ensure that it introduces your assignment correctly.
Conclusion is the most difficult paragraph to write since everything that is required in the paper is already featured in the introduction and body. The conclusion should wrap the package and provide the reader with a call to action based on the case study or education direction. Therefore, you should ensure to keep it short and precise as possible.

  • Formatting

Once you are done writing an entire paper, take your time to structure it according to the professor’s format style. Good formatting also guarantees that you get better grades from the paper. Additionally, the first thing that everyone who comes across your paper is the format. Therefore it is essential to dedicate as much time as possible. Additionally, check your essay structure through sites as research proposal writing service for enhanced guidelines.

  • Sleep Over It

Although this sound tough considering that there is limited time, it is much better to revise and edit your work when your mind is fresh. Give yourself a break before you start editing the paper. However, ensure you spare enough time to go through the paper and adjust where necessary before the final submission period.

Although it is possible to write a competitive paper in a day, starting early is quite convenient. Therefore, if you have the time to research and write the paper before it’s too late, take the chance and begin writing. Or at least start looking for a professional service to help you do it.

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