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100 the Best Essay Topic Ideas

24 Feb 2019

If you’re required to complete a college paper, you need to take into account a great number of factors, such as time available for completion of this paper, your spare time if you work, availability of resources to complete this paper and your ability to write an essay of high quality. Also, you will need to search for topics to write about.

How to Create Best Essay Topic Ideas

In order to create awesome essay topics you need to try the following:

  • Brainstorm the ideas for your future essay
  • Write down several (3-5) topics that are interesting for you
  • Choose one topic that fits your goals
  • Create a list of issues that can be discussed in your essay

The choice of an actual topic depends on the type of topic you’re required to complete. Formulate the main idea according to these requirements like in the example:

  • If you’re required to write a compare and contrast essay, your heading should start from the phrase “Compare and contrast...” It’s not a necessary requirement, but you should remember that in this type of essay you need to compare and contrast two subjects. For example, you may compare and contrast the opportunities offered by mandatory and optional education.
  • If you need to complete a persuasive essay, you should choose a hot current topic and express your opinion regarding this matter. For example, “Social media create isolation.” Furthermore, you will have to justify your opinion and provide evidence to prove that it’s really so.

How to Choose an Essay Topic   

If you want your essay looks perfect, follow these steps when choosing a topic for essay:

  • Choose a topic that could be potentially interesting to your audience. It’s also important that you’re interested in it too. Otherwise, you will not be able to write a good essay;
  • Choose a narrow topic because a broad topic is difficult to analyze. Your topic should be narrow enough to catch your readers’ eye. Plus, broad topics don’t provide enough space for discussion.
  • Choose reliable sources of information like journal publications, e-books by well-known authors in the area of research or reliable websites. Sometimes it’s difficult to find materials for writing topic if your topic is narrow. So, try to avoid excessively narrow topics as well.
  • You can develop fresh ideas from topics you have already discussed in the past. It would be great to look at the issue from a different angle.
  • Consult your teacher regarding your chosen topics. He or she can give you a good piece of advice if you hesitate whether you’ve chosen the correct essay topic.
  • Don’t choose uncommon topics as their discussion could be difficult. Besides, finding materials about this topic could be challenging as well.
  • Stick to the type of essay you’re required to write. The extent to which you nail your subject will make an impact on your future grade.
  • Provide access to necessary materials. Take books in the student library, pay for access for online textbooks or rent them. This will help collect enough information for analysis.
  • Don’t be lazy and make sure you disclosed your topic at full. Remember about grades: lazy students don’t get good grades.

Ideas for Topic Essay by Types

In this section, we developed several ideas for various types of topics you may consider for your future essay. This will ease your task of choosing a good topic for your essay.

Ideas for narrative essay topics:

  1. What was your favorite hobby during your studies in school?
  2. What are your preferred travel destinations when you are on a tough budget?  
  3. Which movie character is close to your own personality?
  4. A positive example of courage
  5. Discuss an occurrence of misunderstanding with your parents
  6. Discuss a person you wish to make friendship with
  7. Discuss a recent memorable event in your life. What made this event memorable?
  8. The most pleasant personal experience
  9. Discuss the weirdest experience you ever had
  10. Discuss your most favorite toy as a child
  11. How did your friends in college influence your habits?
  12. Discuss a person you admire the most
  13. Discuss how you treat people of other nationalities
  14. If you could create movies, which film would you like to make?
  15. Describe a day when something went wrong and how you addressed this issue

Academic writing in general and completing argumentative essays requires the ability to justify your opinion. If you started to write and felt that you couldn’t cope with it, just contact custom essay writing service UK and hire an experienced writer to help you.  

Argumentative essay topics:

  1. What are the reasons for the justification of military actions?
  2. Should the videos with cute cast be forbidden on YouTube?
  3. Does Minecraft make any negative impact on elementary students?
  4. Should sex education be included in curricula?
  5. Should cloning be forbidden?
  6. Do some Google services raise security concerns?
  7. Should Facebook comments be regulated?
  8. How should owners of websites violating copyright rights be punished?
  9. Is euthanasia justified?
  10. Should smoking in public areas be forbidden?
  11. Is legalization of marijuana correct?
  12. Should the production of alcohol be banned?
  13. Should rainforests be destroyed?
  14. Do social media make an impact on women’s perception of their bodies?
  15. Is continuous learning is still required to build a successful career?

Critical essays can be challenging to write because this type of essays requires essential critical evaluation and analytical skills. Therefore, look for the structure of an essay on the internet or find a reliable writing agency to help you fulfill this task.  

Critical essay topics:

  1. Critically evaluate the impact of video games on children’s health
  2. Asses the behavior of fans during football World Cup
  3. Critically discuss the ties between racism and sports
  4. Discuss recent changes in the roles of genders
  5. The grounds of Islamophobia
  6. Discuss the ways that can help ex-inmates to re-enter society
  7. Critically evaluate the consequences of colonization
  8. Ways to address unemployment in Chile
  9. Ways to reduce external debt in the U.S.
  10. Ways to stop soil erosion
  11. The future of technological progress
  12. The best cities to visit all over the world
  13. Critically evaluate on religious perspective of euthanasia
  14. Views of different religious confessions on gay marriages
  15. Critically discuss the reasons for child obesity

Essay topics list for writing a persuasive essay:

  1. Do social media create isolation?
  2. Should the government permit weapons in colleges?
  3. Do security measures like cameras violate people’s privacy?
  4. Should people be prohibited to have exotic animals at home?
  5. Should be casual clothes be allowed at work?
  6. Should advertising be prohibited in schools?
  7. Is professional sport dangerous?
  8. Immigration hampers the economy of the U.S.
  9. Do specific child developing programs improve the performance of children in elementary school?
  10. Should the methods of contraception be promoted at schools?
  11. Can plastic surgery improve self-esteem?
  12. Do current laws promote racism?
  13. Can single parents up bring children properly?
  14. Are hippies unfairly stereotyped?
  15. Should the lectures on birth control be introduced in elementary schools?  

Good essay topics for a descriptive essay:  

  1. Describe your favorite clothes
  2. Describe your favorite movie character
  3. Describe a meeting with your idol
  4. Describe the time when you met your friends in a new school
  5. Describe your happiest memory
  6. Describe an event when something unexpected happened
  7. Describe how you rode the bicycle for the first time
  8. Describe the most exciting event you visited with your father
  9. Describe your favorite pet
  10. Describe a country of your dreams

Writing reflective essays is associated with several difficulties. If you faced any difficulties when completing your essay, don’t hesitate to browse the following inquiry on the internet my essay UK and solve this problem in the shortest term.  

Essay ideas for writing a reflective essay:

  1. Looking at the sea from a hill
  2. Having launch in your favorite fast food
  3. Watching moves of insects
  4. Meeting a university friend you didn’t see for ages
  5. The time you realized you did something wrong
  6. A trip to Africa
  7. The moment you took part in a strike
  8. The most difficult essay you ever complete
  9. The film that made you laugh
  10. A college experience you don’t appreciate
  11. How I saw my girlfriend/boyfriend for the first time
  12. The event that made my day
  13.  The first birthday of my brother or sister
  14. The worst life experience
  15. The first money I earned when being in a college

Ideas for essays to write an expository essay:

  1. How to provide healthy food in a college?
  2. How to stop bullying in high schools?
  3. What is the impact of social media on relationships?
  4. Why is depression in the uptrend in the countries with high welfare index?
  5. Is a curfew an effective measure to protect adolescents from troubles?
  6. What is the negative impact of capitalism?
  7. Is camping a good alternative for budget travelers?
  8. How to organize a breathtaking birthday party?
  9. How to prevent impulse purchases?
  10. Why romantic relationships don’t work sometimes?
  11. How to choose the best sport for you?
  12. Can studying and working at the same time burn you out?
  13. How to plan an unforgettable low budget vacation?
  14. How to resist a bad habit?
  15. Compare two types of employees

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