10 The Best Colleges in England

Today, a talk about the top learning institutions globally would be incomplete without the oldest Universities in UK that continue to dominate the scene. The catch here is that if you choose to study in this part of the world, you are signing up for the best academic experience, and with the top courses and professors at your disposal, you can only look forward to getting a truly life-changing education.

University Rankings

Recently established institutions have equally made it to the apex of world college rankings in the last few years. You may want to find out if there are any Ivy League colleges among the top colleges in England. Next, you will probably want to dig deeper and find out about the best-known UK institutions of higher education and their ranking worldwide.

Well, no worries because this post puts together a review list of the best colleges in UK, so keep reading to discover more.

Why is this information important?

In this age, students progressing to higher institutions can choose to pursue their degree abroad, and given the high value pegged on the UK education system, a trip to England would come as a golden opportunity. While becoming an international student in UK means you must pass English tests such as IELTS or another, it is nothing to worry about provided you are well-prepared for it.

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University College London (UCL)

London hosts many UK top higher learning institutions, and with UCL as one of the best in the world, you can only expect an unparalleled learning experience. As the first college that took in students from different social, religious, and racial backgrounds, including women, it is regarded as a holistic institution within the British education system. Bachelor science courses in economics, philosophy, and politics are the most dominant. Moreover, nearly half the students come from other countries, not to mention an affiliation to big names like Graham Belland Rabindranath Tagore.


University of Oxford

With 44 colleges and an old tradition of excellence, Oxford is not only a prestigious institution but also a place where top scholars in academia administer knowledge. It is arguably a place where every student dreams to study, but given the strict and competitive admission procedures, you really must showcase an impressive academic record.

It would also interest you to note that the institution has more than 100 libraries – Bodleian is the oldest since 1602. Plus, some of the world’s most reputed leaders, including 27 of UK premiers, 160 Olympic gold medallists and up to 29 Nobel Laureates are students of the learning centre.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge is a household name among the world’s top universities, thanks to its continued domination of top slots globally. Since 1209, it remains known for tough admission procedures and as the 6th best on the employability scale. Moreover, up to 9000 students and 100 academic departments are all indicators of the good name the institution enjoys.

Statistics further indicate that 116 Nobel winners undertook their education at the university and another 11 Field Marshal winners in mathematics can only mean it has to appear at the top of college rankings UK.

University of Southampton

The artistic design of this college stands out among many in England. It gives both historical and futuristic impression, SOTON (as it is commonly known), is home to over 20,000 students. Art exhibitions and maritime-themed centres also indicate a lot about its rich history. Here, the study environment is a mix of city and upcountry atmosphere.

Imperial College London

Always among the best globally, ICL emphasises engineering, technology, science, business and medicine. Imperial College London many years after its founding in 1907, remains unbeatable. Its alumni include Nobel Prize winners, world influential opinion leaders, tech mind innovators and policymakers.

University of Manchester

Manny, as the locals call it, is also a respected university in the world, apart from two of the biggest and most successful football clubs. Living here is cheap, but big names who once attended lectures here like Toby Jones, Dan Howell, and Jack Whitehall reflect the quality of teaching that is taking place at the University of Manchester.

University of Leeds

Another big name among the top 10 colleges in UK is the University of Leeds.  Offering up to 250 majors, art and culture thrive here. The institution makes this possible, thanks to its several museums, art centres, and abbeys which are centuries old. The environment at nearby Roundhay Park provides serenity for doing assignments.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Here, there is high proportion of international students. The college focuses on economics, law, history, politics, and philosophy, not to mention that it has birthed twenty-six laureate winners. Some renowned academic doyens who have given lectures here are personalities like George Soros and Nelson Mandela.

University of York

The University of York ranks among the top ten universities in UK. You won’t fail to take note of York Castle and Rowntree Park, features that add vibes to its quality academic values.  It boasts of up 88% post-grad employability of alumni.

University of Nottingham

In Robin Hood, a view of Nottingham speaks volumes of a top academic institution where you can choose from over 200 student organisations and up to 100 majors. The lush green environment is ideal for studies, not to mention that the top UK Olympians trace their education here.

This post only covers ten best universities in Britain, but others like the University of Surrey, King’s College London, University of Bristol, Durham, Lancaster University, and the University of Sussex also enjoy a good reputation. There are hundreds of top learning institutions providing quality education in the UK, and from which you can choose the one you wish to attend.


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